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As a photographer, my goal is to capture your wedding story — a story of love, laughter and the promise of a beautiful future between you and your fiance. These moments are priceless and when all the cake is gone and you’ve danced your last dance, your wedding album is a timeless portal to that special day. A lot of people were curious to see what a completed one looks like, so I’ve decided to share. Of course every couple is different so one album is COMPLETELY different from the next but I’ll be sure to share more on another post.

Below are a few pages fromĀ Malaika and Matthew’s wedding album. Enjoy!



Check out my buddy Sanchez. He is literally the busiest person I have ever met in my entire life. In fact, he’s so busy we only had 15 minutes to finish this entire shoot (good thing I like working under pressure). Last time I checked Sanchez was a painter, model, actor, graphic designer, poet, architect, interior designer, author and oh yeah, he’s an incredible photographer too! Sanchez is the genius second shooter at all of my east coast weddings and will also be popping up on a few other projects in the near future. Let’s see how many more titles he can add to his name in the meantime.

**And of course Apuje Kalu was on deck as the stylist for this mini shoot — you’ll be seeing more of his work soon**